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We are very pleased to provide the following software for use by the model engineering community. All software is supplied on an as-is basis and is declared freeware by the authors. No warranties are given or implied in the software, and we recommend that all of you who download the software make sure that you maintain good virus protection measures on your PC. The software hosted on this site was checked as virus free using Sophos Anti-Virus Toolkit at the time of uploading.

To save download time we have compressed the files hosted on this site using WinZip. If you don't already have a copy you can download an evaluation copy here.

Software hosted on this site:  
A suite of software provided by Bill Hall.

The manual for the valvegear programs is provided in Microsoft Word format (zipped)(47KB) and Adobe Acrobat format (32KB)
There are six programs for download:
  • Locomotive database and performance calculator (49KB) - this is a combination of a database of the important dimensions of steam locomotives and programme that calculates tractive effort and a number of aspects of boiler performance;
  • A "Getting started" file (104KB) that includes a document that describes an approximate algebraic method of designing Stephenson and Walschaerts valvegears together with a program to implement the method described. This is useful when starting from scratch, and before using the accurate numerical programs below;
  • Simulation and design of Walschaerts valvegear (66KB) - this software allows you to simulate the behaviour of Walschaerts valvegears with different dimensions of the critical parts;
  • Simulation and design of Stephenson valvegear (65KB)
  • A composite program (88KB) that provides steam tables and calculates steam flow through orifices, pipes etc.
  • Spring - a utility for designing or analysing coil springs
A suite of software provided by Duncan Webster.

Duncan wrote a series of articles that were published in Model Engineer commencing in the #4052 edition of 10th October 1997. You can download this article and associated drawings if you wish - the file is 187KB and contains drawings in Autocad format and the articles in Microsoft Word format.
The programs for download are all associated with the design and analysis of valvegears:
The programs provide online instructions - there is no separate manual.
Software supplied by Graham Astbury SCREWCUT - A simple programme for determining the gears required to cut threads which are not listed in standard texts or lathe manuals
Software supplied by Ron Head Scale Bolt Chart - to get the best scale finish for your model. Available in PDF and Excel 97 formats.
Software supplied by Alan Stepney Change wheel settings on an 8TPI leadscrew to cut metric threads. Available in PDF and Excel formats.

Links to software on other sites:  
Valvegear Simulations In 1986, Charlie Dockstader wrote the first version of software to simulate various types of valve gear. Since then, he has made continuous additions and improvements to add other types of valve gear and improve functionality and ease of use. He has generously made the software available by placing it in the public domain as freeware.