STOLEN Ref: 2012-004 - "O"Gauge LMS, 5XP, 4-6-0."Jubilee" Class

(no photo received)

Brief description: 5XP 4-6-0 "JUBILEE"No,5609."GILBERT & ELLICE ISLANDS.KIT BUILT,"O"Gauge Finescale,12 Volt DC.with a standard 4000 GALLON STANIER TENDER. Finished as a Clean Engine with weathered effect below Platform level with the short lived Post War 1946-1948 Block style Gill Sans lettering and numbers.Enough Care wasn,t taken in the initial stages of construction of this model,the whitemetal smokebox saddle casting should have been filed to fit lower down in the frames-the result is that the"Front end"stands at least a scale foot higher than it should ,likewise the front buffer beam.Finish is satin black, with a 19B Shedplate on the smokebox door (MILLHOUSES)
This model was stolen from: Swanwick Junction Model Railway Group
on (date):
23 March 2012
E & T = 395 mm
62 mm.
97 mm.
(not known)
If you have any information
on this model please contact:
Derbyshire Constabulary, "A"Division, Butterley, DERBYSHIRE
P.C. J Shaw 3036
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