STOLEN Ref: 2012-003 - "O"Gauge LMS Beyer Garratt Loco

(no photo received)

Brief description: 2-6-0+0-6-2,Scratchbuilt,"0"Gauge Finescale 12Volt,DC,Unique Model,Unfinished(7years  work so far)because all doors are openable,except for Smokebox which is a whitemetal casting.The 4 ashpan dampers also operate and the rotary coal bunker rotates on modified cigarette lighter wheels, the loco is unpainted brass except for the trailing unit which is brushed Matt Black below platform level behind the wheels.The front unit was in the process of modification to bring it nearer to the real thing.ABC Motor & gearbox fitted to Premier Models Frame kit.The Steel Pivot Plate & 15Amp Earth pin Pivots were retained on this new unit,It has run successfully on its own layout & some others by invitation.
This model was stolen from: Swanwick Junction Model Railway Group
on (date):
23 March 2012
2 ft + 3/16"
(not known)
If you have any information
on this model please contact:
Derbyshire Constabulary, "A"Division, Butterley, DERBYSHIRE
PC. J, Shaw 3036
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