STOLEN Ref: 2007-001 - 3.5" Gauge 4-4-0 Early American Woodburning Loco

This model was stolen from: Cheltenham, Glos

on: 24 February 2007

The boiler although sheathed in brass sheet cladding is of welded steel construction.
The smokebox is shorter than the original LBSC design.
The headlight is positioned on brackets in front of the smokebox and is battery powered.
A southworth water pump is situated on the left-hand side of the loco as in the photograph, and no pipe work has yet been fitted from the boiler to the pump.
The cylinders and valve chest are yet unlagged.
The cab is of mild steel all screwed construction with a removable top sliding panel. Glazing and window framing still to be added.
‘Virginia’ nameplate is on the cab side, and No 7 on front of the smokebox.
No tender has been made for this loco and the locomotive is in an unpainted condition exactly as in the photographs

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[First published:4 March 2007, Updated: 4 March 2007]

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