STOLEN Ref: 2005-004 - 2" Scale Burrell Scenic Showman's Engine "Excalibur"

This model was stolen from: Rainham, Near Gillingham in Kent

on: 26th/27th May 2005

This magnificent 2" scale Burrell scenic showman's engine, named "Excalibur" was built over a 20 year period by Ron Dawe, current President of the Road Locomotive Society.

"Excalibur" has the words "Scenic Golden Dragons On Tour" painted on the canopy sides. Its registration number is RD 6081.

There is a reward of £1000 for information leading to the arrest of the thieves and the safe return of this model

If you have any information on this model please contact:

You can also send information by email to

[First published:11 July 2005, Updated: 19 July 2005]

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