STOLEN Ref: 2004-004 - 5" Gauge Driving Car

(photo not available at this time)

This model was stolen from the Ilkeston area between 16 and 20-Oct-2004

Painted green with silver windows with red and yellow stripes which go right around the body: door painted on rear of carriage. Roof covered in gray plastic. There is a removable wooden coal hopper at the front. The running gear is all painted black with yellow bearing caps. Brakes work on front bogie only with ratchet type lever painted white at the top. The buffers at the loco end are of the large type painted yellow and adjustable from 5 to 3.5in gauge. The body and footboards are made of wood and there is no provision for conversion to raised track use. There is a yellow sticker inside the car near to the right hand side roof line carrying the owner's telephone number.

If you have any information on this model please contact A Division HQ, Wyatts Way, Ripley, Derbys, DE5 3SU, Tel: PC 1391 Fowers on 01773 571743, , Quote Crime Number 184630-04

You can also send information by email to

[First published:11 November 2004, Updated: 4 March 2005]

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