STOLEN Ref: 2004-003 - 5" Gauge Driving Car

(photo not available at this time)

This model was stolen from the Ilkeston area between 16 and 20-Oct-2004

Length about 4ft, colour burgundy with Midland style carriage line and LMS round type company transfers and black carriage ends. Buffers adjustable for 3.5 in gauge. The footrests for the driver are separated from the short footboards at the rear of the carriage for one passenger. There are four bolts mid-frame to enable dismantling for use on an elevated track. There are twin cast bogies, with all wheels running in ballraces. Handbrake lever is on right hand side with vacuum cylinders between the frames. Body is of screwed and glued MDF with rounded roof formed from plasterers laths and covered with black pond-liner material. Coal hopper at front with two switchesfor single front light for night driving and two scale rear lights powered by a 12v battery.Digital speedometer attached to brake lever. Coupling by chain to drawbar.Marking on rear reads "9mph max" and the initials "AH" are painted on the sides of the carriage.

If you have any information on this model please contact A Division HQ, Wyatts Way, Ripley, Derbys, DE5 3SU, Tel: PC 1391 Fowers on 01773 571743, , Quote Crime Number 184630-04

You can also send information by email to

[First published:11 November 2004, Updated: 12 November 2004]

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