STOLEN Ref: 2002-010 - 5" Freelance 0-6-0 Tender Loco

(no photo at present)

This model was stolen from the Charterhouse Square London area in the UK on 25th May 2002.

The loco is also unique but is similar to a “Polly” design, currently built by JGS Clarke Ltd.

The engine has been repainted in Midland Red with black edging, separated by yellow lining about 2mm wide, applied in paint using a lining pen. Wheels are black and buffer beams pillar-box red. All paint is cellulose. The cab interior, roof and smokebox are semi-matt black.

Unique features:

If you have any information on this model please contact Snow Hill Police Station, 5 Snow Hill, London EC1A - tel: 020 7601 2222 quoting Crime Ref. No. 004513/02

You can also send information by email to

[First published: 19th June 2002, Updated: 23rd June 2002]

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