STOLEN Ref: 2001-005 - Trinity House vessel No.14 Pathfinder

(no photo at present)

This model was stolen from the Heswall, Wirral, Merseyside area in the UK between the 9th and 14th October 2001.

Length: 44 inches (1.12metres)

Width: 7.5 inches (19cm)

Height: 10 inches (25cm)

The model has some distinguishing features: 3 access hatches. 1 below accomodation/bridge 1 below funnel and engine room casing 1 aft, below skylight and rope box 1 crewman walking towards rope box, forward 1 crewman climbing companionway to bridge, portside 1 crewman walking towards companionway down, starboard side 1 crewman leaning on rails, portside aft captain on bridge portside waving right arm open lifeboats are equipped with oars, detachable rudder and tiller on forward bulkhead of working alleyway, port, is a switch to operate navigation lights, mast lights and accomodation lights

If you have any information on this model please contact Merseyside Police, Birkenhead (Detective sergeant J. Murry) - tel 0151 777 2262 or 2263, quoting crime reference: 173753X/01/CR/001

You can also send information by email to

[First published: 18th March 2002, Updated: 21st March 2002]

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