STOLEN Ref: 1998-002 - Alice


Almost new 7¼" gauge 1/3 scale Hunslet narrow gauge slate quarry type 0-4-0 saddle tank steam loco. Painted royal maroon with black edging and fine orange line. Brass name plates ALICE fitted to saddle tank, Brass replica builders plates "Hunslet Engine Company, Leeds 678/1898" fitted to cab sides. Features include a copper saddle tank instead of the standard aluminium version, and the smokebox is in stainless steel rather than mild steel. The front buffer beam features two circular holes to provide access to the cylinders, the front dumb buffers are faced with stainless steel. There is a mechanical (non functional) lubricator with missing lid between the frames in front of the smokebox and two brass displacement types either side of the front of the saddle tank. The wheels are in steel as opposed to the more usual cast iron.

Note that only the engine was stolen, not the tender.

There is a £500 reward offered for information leading to recovery, and conviction of those involved.

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