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There are two new books published in the Workshop Practice Series that you might like to take a look at:

The Metalworker's Data Book is a fully illustrated step-by-step guide with 100 sketches and technical drawings, this book also contains a comprehensive range of data which is required in the metal working workshop, and by those designing a wide range of engineered items, tools and machines. It provides in a single concise volume data that is only otherwise available by reference to many different sources or more expensive publications. For those involved in restoration work, the book also includes details of items not now used, and for which data is not easy to locate.

The Mini-Lathe has become the best-selling item of machinery in the hobby engineering market - often purchased as a first step by beginners to the hobby. For many years Myford lathes were considered as 'standard issue' for model engineers, but at about one-twentieth of the price of a new Myford, these new Mini-lathes set the benchmark for the future. This book is a complete course on using and improving this new generation of budget lathes. It explains everything from setting up and 'tuning' the machine for best performance to using accessories and carrying out tasks

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